Enterprise RMM is incorrectly unsubscribing subscribers
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Enterprise RMM is incorrectly unsubscribing subscribers

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In an Enterprise 2.0 business unit where the business unit is setup to "Unsubscribe from the business unit only" and Enterprise RMM is configured to "Unsubscribe email address from publication list" and All Subscribers is used as the publication list for the send, we're incorrectly over-unsubscribing the subscriber.

> Enable Enterprise RMM on a multi Business Unit account
> In the Enterprise account when you create a rule ensure that the subscriber action "Unsubscribe email address from
publication list" is used. Continue to setup a keyword list, collection, etc as you normally would.
> Go to the business unit and ensure the sender profile you are going to use for the send has the rule collection you
previously created selected.
> Create an email along with a sendable DE and add a valid email address you typically use for testing to the DE.
> Perform a send to the DE and ensure that you use All Subscribers as the publication list.
> Once you receive the email, reply back with an unsubscribe keyword from your keyword list.

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