Horizontal Stacked Bar Widget | Measurement Labels are not placed correctly
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Horizontal Stacked Bar Widget | Measurement Labels are not placed correctly

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In Horizontal Stacked widget, measurement Labels are displayed on wrong place when "Show Stacked" option is off. This issue happens only when the browser language setting is Japanese and Japanese (non-alphabetic) characters are used in the stacked dimension values.

1/ Set the internet browser language setting to Japanese or Korean (potentially other languages with non-alphabetic characters)
2/ Create a "Horizontal Stacked" widget
3/ Add a measurement ("Display" should be set to "Bar")
4/ Add two dimensions. The second "Stacked by" dimension should contain values with Japanese (non-alphabetic) characters
5/ Go to the "Design" tab. Turn on "Labels" and turn off "Show Stacked"
4/ Bar chart and labels are mislocated when values of Stacked Dimension are written in Japanese

There are several workarounds available:
- Change browser language, e.g. to English
- Export the widget (or the page) in PDF/PNG format
- Use a different "Stacked by" dimension with alphabetic character values
- Turn on "Show Stacked"
- Use a different measurement Display than "Bar"

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