Delays to a scheduled push send occur when 'Auto-refresh before send' checkbox enabled
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Delays to a scheduled push send occur when 'Auto-refresh before send' checkbox enabled

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Last updated 2022-04-11 ·Reference W-9978072 ·Reported By 6 users

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When using 'Auto-refresh before send' feature in a push message, message send can be delayed up to six hours because of processing of the audience refresh feature.

When 'Auto-refresh before send' is enabled the system will wait up to 6 hours for the audience refresh to complete. If audience refresh is not completed in six hours, the send will be executed with the possibly incomplete refresh state after that six hour timeout.

Effectively, for a message with auto-refresh enabled, "scheduled time" means the time at which to start refreshing the audience list.

1) Navigate to MobilePush and start creating a Push Message using the template 'Outbound'
2) On step 3, 'Select Audience', check 'Auto-refresh before send' checkbox and complete the rest of the configuration.
3) Schedule the push message

If timing of send is important, refresh the send manually or via a 'Refresh Mobile Filtered List' activity in Automation Studio. Then schedule the push message and do not use the 'Auto-refresh before send' checkbox.

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