Journey with Automation Schedule fails to add Event
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Journey with Automation Schedule fails to add Event

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Last updated 2022-05-11 ·Reference W-9150409 ·Reported By 6 users

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When configuring a Journey Builder Entry Event tied to an existing Automation, it is possible that the Activity that fires the event fails to get added to the Automation. This can occur in various scenarios, but is most common when a user modifies the Automation in another tab/window while the Journey is being configured, or another user entirely is working on the Automation in question.

-Create Automation with Query Activity/Filter/Import tied to a specific Data Extension, save
-Open Journey Builder in a new tab
-Create the Journey using the same Data Extension from the Automation above
-Under schedule, select Automation
-Configure it to completion, configure the rest of the journey
-Save and Activate the Journey
-Go back to the tab with your Automation in it, and without refreshing, click save.
-Note no contacts get injected into the journey

Work in one tab/window


Ensure you make all your edits in one save


Refresh your tab/window that contains the automation to ensure the activity is added before making any additional edits.

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