Journey Builder Activity Membership incorrectly calculates Last Day
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Journey Builder Activity Membership incorrectly calculates Last Day

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When Journey Builder calculates the Summary Total for an Activity's total number of contacts in any of the predefined time periods (Last 30 days, Last 7 Days, Last Day), the total number returned in the Details might be less than expected. This is because there is a difference in calculation between the counts (summary) and the details (page of contacts). The Summary for "Last Day" for example will return anything from yesterday to present, but the Details page will only show contacts in the last 24 hours.

Create a Journey with an Email Activity
Activate Journey and confirm contacts move through the Email
Wait 25 hours
Click into the Journey and click on the Email Activity's "View Contact Details"
Notice that the Summary will show the total number of contacts for "Last Day", but the Details page will not show any records.

Expand your time frame.

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