User merges during ETLs fail
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User merges during ETLs fail

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Last updated 2021-12-16 ·Reference W-10105854 ·Reported By 2 users


In some scenarios, such as the following "Repro" section, profiles should be merged through the UserETL process.
However, it would not and remains two profiles instead of the merging.

Step1) Ensure Identity System is enabled on your environment
Step2) Configure 2 identities (ex. IdA, IdB)
Step3) Submit ETL 1 with one row
IdA: "ABC"
IdB: "123"
Step4) Submit ETL 2 with one row
IdA: "EFG",
IdB: "456"
Step5) Submit ETL 3 with one row
IdA: "EFG",
IdB: "123"

---> You can find remaining profiles and not merged.


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