MC Intelligence | Incorrect year attributed to Week dimension
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MC Intelligence | Incorrect year attributed to Week dimension

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Last updated 2022-05-18 ·Reference W-10541734 ·Reported By 0 users

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When an adjustment is made that sets the first day of week 52 in a given year to a date in the following year, the Week dimension will display with the incorrect year for this week.

1. Navigate to the Workspace General Settings, and set "First Day of Week" to Saturday or Sunday.
2. Open a pivot table and filter to the date range Dec 24, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022.
3. Add the fields Week, Day, and a metric with values in the given range.
4. Notice that w52 2021 is incorrectly displaying as w52 2022.

This issue is only seen when using certain "First Day of Week" values on certain years. If you notice the issue, it is recommended to utilize a different "First Day of Week" until the issue is resolved.

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