Elevate email receipts not displaying 'Email From Name'
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Elevate email receipts not displaying 'Email From Name'

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Last updated Today ·Reference W-10911211 ·Reported By 7 users

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Currently, all email receipts have the From name "Salesforce Elevate" and should be using the 'Email From Name' set in the email templates.

1. While logged in the Elevate Portal go to the Receipts & Alert Settings page
2. Enter a value in the 'Email From Name' field
3. Go to the Giving Page Management, click on a published Giving Page and click on 'View Giving Page'
4. Complete the donation info, enter your email address into the email field and submit the donation.
5. Check your inbox or spam folder for the receipt email and you'll see the From details on the email list 'Salesforce Elevate' and then the <noreply> email address.


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