Reports App in Analytics Builder displaying text in Brackets
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Reports App in Analytics Builder displaying text in Brackets

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Last updated 2022-04-27 ·Reference W-10863681 ·Reported By 0 users

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Text in the Reporting app in Analytics Builder appears incorrectly when the user is using an unlocalized Culture Code. The text will be wrapped in brackets and appear in uppercase. For example: text that should be displayed as Overview appears as {{ OVERVIEW }}

-Scroll over your user in the Marketing Cloud, click Cloud Preferences
-Click Edit on the user's overview page
-Look at the list of Culture Codes and select an unlocalized culture code and save the user. You can tell the unlocalized Culture Codes by the fact that they aren't surrounded with the symbols like other localized text
-Navigate to the Reports app. Notice the application name is translated, but text in the reporting app is surrounded by brackets in the UI.

Change the user's culture code to a localized culture code.

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