Addresses Reviewed shows incorrect count
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Addresses Reviewed shows incorrect count

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Last updated 2021-08-30 ·Reference W-9719384 ·Reported By 0 users

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When looking at the "Overview" tab on an Address Standardization job the "Addresses Reviewed" section might show the number of reviewed is less than the number of total address records in the organization.

1: Run an address standardization job and wait for it to complete.
2: Once it completes select the job inside the "In Progress and Past Updates Section"
3: Notice the "Addresses Reviewed" amount might be incorrect.

The product is looking at all addresses associated with an account that has a primary contact. So if some accounts don't have a primary contact they won't appear in the addresses reviewed section.
As a workaround you could add a primary contact to the addresses account if one does not exist.

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