Einstein Content Selection Uses Expired Assets
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Einstein Content Selection Uses Expired Assets

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Einstein/Predictive

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When using Einstein Content Selection in Journey Builder or Triggered emails, the Asset End Date may not apply. This happens if the subscriber receives an email in the journey prior to the asset expiration and again after.

1. Create an Email utilizing ECS Content with an Asset End Date
2. Configure Journey or Triggered Send utilizing this Email Content
3. Send email to SubscriberA while the asset is live
4. Send email to SubscriberA and SubscriberB after Asset End Date
5. Note SubscriberA receives asset after end date; SubscriberB will not receive this as they are net new to the message content and JobID.

Republish the triggered send/open the email activity from the journey and then click Done to refresh the email activity. This will refresh the asset end dates

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