Journey Entry Event displaying different filters after editing
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Journey Entry Event displaying different filters after editing

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Last updated 2022-04-11 ·Reference W-8908473 ·Reported By 3 users

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When an entry event is used across multiple versions of the same journey, or across multiple journeys by copying the journey, it is possible to edit the event if and only if all journeys/versions are paused or stopped. However, after editing filter criteria, the changes are only accurately reflected in the version of the journey in which the change was made. If you click on other journey's entry events that use the same event, you will see a different filter between the overview of the event and the configuration drawer after clicking on the event.

-Create New Journey

-Drag Salesforce Data Event onto canvas

-Select Contact Object, Contact ID, Next

-Select Created/Updated, Select Last Name equals "Journey1", Next, Next, Next, Done

-Drag random split onto canvas

-Configure Journey Settings, Activate

-Once the journey is running, Copy it and name it something different

-In the copied journey, note if you click on the entry event you cannot edit it (expected)

-Go to the original journey and pause it

-Go back to the copied version and note you can now edit (expected)

-Change "journey1" to "AnyothervaluebutJourney1" and save the entry event

-Save the journey and activate

-Click on the entry event after it is activated and note that it shows "AnyothervaluebutJourney1" in both locations

-Go back to the original journey and click on the entry event

-Note that the UI shows different filters

This is a UI discrepancy only. The new filter applied to the version that was edited will be applied to all versions/journeys that share the event.

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