Journey Validation fails with a schedule in the past
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Journey Validation fails with a schedule in the past

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2021-03-08 ·Reference W-8881946 ·Reported By 7 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release January 2021 Patch 5

When creating a new version of a schedule Journey, the validation says a start time cannot be in the past.

1. Create a new journey with DE entry event and Recurring schedule

2. Set schedule to start within the next few minutes

3. Add required activities to journey

4. Select Settings>Journey Settings and set a re-entry (any option)

5. Save and activate journey

6. After the start time has passed, create a new version of the journey without stopping the previous version

7. Make no changes, just validate journey

8. Note: We get an error that the start time cannot be in the past

9. Click on the schedule then click View. All schedule fields are grayed out and we cannot modify

1. Stop the previous version of the journey prior to editing the schedule in the new version

2. Reconfigure entry event in the new version of the journey

3. Create a copy of the journey and modify schedule in the copied journey

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