Stopping a Journey tied to an Automation inadvertently updates schedule
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Stopping a Journey tied to an Automation inadvertently updates schedule

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Journey Builder allows you to create a journey and tie that journey schedule to an existing automation. When you stop the journey from a "running" status, the schedule gets updated to CST time. So if your schedule was set to run at 9am EST, it would then show 8am EST.

1. Create a sendable data extension to be used as the Target of a Query activity
2. Create a SQL Query activity that targets the data extension created in Step 1.
3. Create a scheduled automation and add the query activity created in Step 2 as step 1.
4. Schedule the automation to run hourly and pick any time zone other than (GMT-06:00)Central Time
5. Activate the schedule
6. Create a new Multi-Step Journey
7. Use Data Extension as the Entry Source and select the data extension created in Step 1 as the source
8. Click on the Schedule box and select 'Automation' as the schedule type
9. Click Set Schedule and pick the scheduled automation defined in Step 4.
10. Click Contact Evaluation and select "Evaluate all records"
11. The Journey needs at least one activity so just drag "Random Split" onto the canvas.
12. Click the gear icon and select "Journey Settings" then select "Re-entry anytime"
13. Activate the Journey
14. Stop the Journey
15. Go to Automation Studio, find your automation created in Step 3, click edit on the schedule, note it was converted to CST

After stopping a journey, re-save the automation with the correct time and time zone.

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