Chat /Messaging session ended by bot does not display all messages
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Chat /Messaging session ended by bot does not display all messages

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Last updated 2022-05-03 ·Reference W-9812204 ·Reported By 7 users

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When using the “End Chat” action to end an Einstein Bot session, intermittently the final dialog message may not be shown to the visitor.
The messaging session will show the full dialog as expected, without the missing messages.

After setting up Einstein Bots in Salesforce, set up a dialog with multiple messages (2 or 3) and at the end of the dialog select “End Chat” as a rule action to end the chat session. Link the bot to a messaging channel.
When testing multiple chat sessions, some times, visitors may not witness the final dialog message prior to the “End Chat” action. It is not possible to predict when this will occur.

Call an apex class which adds a 3 sec delay between the 3rd message and the end chat action, or

To take a confirmation from the end-user (like a yes or no question to the end-user) before ending the chat. if they say yes then the action of end chat happens.

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