Salesforce Maps Live Tracking stopped reporting data
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Salesforce Maps Live Tracking stopped reporting data

Maps Live Tracking

Last updated 2021-07-01 ·Reference W-9544851 ·Reported By 0 users


Customers are reporting Salesforce Maps Live tracking stopped on 6/30/2021

Found in SF Maps v232.2
Check any record that has Maps Live tracking and notice data was not processed prior to 18:00 UTC

The issue was addressed in an off-platform release and may require running historical daily summaries for 6/30 (instructions can be found in the "Salesforce Maps Live: Getting Started Guide"
Go to setup->Installed Packages
Salesforce Maps ->Configure
Scroll to Daily Summaries
Select the drop down on far-right next to the desired daily summary configuration
Select Generate Historical Daily Summary date range of June 30th 2021

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