Approvals Dashboard not displaying selected audience
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Approvals Dashboard not displaying selected audience

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Last updated 2021-07-21 ·Reference W-9280627 ·Reported By 1 users

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When reviewing the Selected Audience tab in an email that needs to approved, the Selected Audience is not displayed.

1. Ensure approvals are enabled.
2. Create a team.
3. Create an email to be approved (or select an email to be approved in the Approvals App).
4. Select an email and any acceptable list or DE and save.
5. When viewing the approval, the subscriber level info is visible, but the list/DE name field is blank.

There is no workaround to view the Selected Audience. While you are still able to view the subscribers in the DE or List you don't know what that DE or List is. In addition if you click the X and then select an audience, the newly selected audience does display.

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