Two Different Paths to the Same Object within the Same Decision Split Causes One Path to Not Work
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Two Different Paths to the Same Object within the Same Decision Split Causes One Path to Not Work

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Journey Builder allows users to configure Decision Splits using relationships configured in Data Designer. There are certain scenarios where an object may be linked more than once within the same or different Attribute Group. An example would be below.

Contact > CampaignMember
Lead > CampaignMember

A use-case could be to inject Campaign Members into a journey. As a Campaign Member could be a Lead or Contact, you want to use the appropriate path to ensure any filter criteria are respected. When using a decision split that contains one branch for each path above, only the first branch would work.

1.) Create a new multi-step Journey
2.) Drag a Data Extension Entry Event onto the canvas
3.) Use a Data Extension that contains CampaignMembers that are both Leads and Contacts, configure to completion
4.) Drag a decision split onto the canvas
5.) For the top path, select Contact > CampaignMember > ContactID is not null
6.) For the second path, select Lead > CampaignMember > LeadID is not null
7.) Configure the rest of the journey to completion
8.) Ensure the entry source contains at least one lead and one contact and they exist in their respective Contact/Lead/CampaignMember Data Extensions
9.) Activate the journey

Note the top path sends Contacts down the path, but the Leads all go down the remainder path.

10.) Create a new version
11.) Edit the Decision Split
12.) Switch the order of the paths so that Lead is the top path and Contact is the second path
13.) Activate the Journey

Note the top path now sends Leads down the path, but Contacts all go down the remainder path.

Use two different Decision Splits, one for Leads and one for Contacts.

Or, split your journey into two journeys so that one has all Leads and the other has all Contacts.

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