Data Extension Field Named "Id" Breaks Content Builder Preview
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Data Extension Field Named "Id" Breaks Content Builder Preview

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Last updated 2022-02-25 ·Reference W-7048464 ·Reported By 0 users

No Fix

When doing a Preview and Test in Content Builder, you can choose a Data Extension (DE) as the source of the preview. If you have a DE with a field called "id", the DE will only load the first row in the DE. Changing the field name to anything else allows the preview to load all rows.

Create a DE called "Preview"
Create two fields, Subkey and ID
Add 2 or more rows to the DE
Go to Content Builder and click on an email
Click Preview and Test
Click the DE created above
Note it only loads one row

Rename the "ID" field to something else. Be sure to update personalization or AMPScript to match.

Or use a different DE that does not contain this field name.

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