Loyalty Data Stream failing to refresh
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Loyalty Data Stream failing to refresh


Last updated 2022-03-03 ·Reference W-10694911 ·Reported By 0 users

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Loyalty related Data Streams fail to refresh for Orgs on Spring '22 for any Data Stream using a field below.

Field | Object

EscrowPeriod LoyaltyProgram

BenefitActionId Benefit

EscrowPointsCreditDate LoyaltyLedger

EscrowPointsCreditDate TransactionJournal

GroupCreatedByMemberId LoyaltyProgramMember

HasEscrow LoyaltyProgramCurrency

EscrowPointsBalance LoyaltyMemberCurrency

Go to CDP | Data Streams
Click on any of the above objects' Data Streams
Click on Refresh History
Note that nothing is refreshing

Disable the fields listed in the Summary

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