Boolean Field filter fails to synchronize objects
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Boolean Field filter fails to synchronize objects

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Last updated 2021-12-03 ·Reference W-9941179 ·Reported By 28 users


When a boolean field is used as a filter in synchronized data sources, that object can fail to sync records when boolean field values changes in CRM.

1.Create a boolean field in Salesforce CRM and use that field as a filter in synchronized data sources on that object.
2.Records will sync in marketing cloud based on true/false value selected as filter and update in synchronized data extension.
3. Now change the value of any record in CRM from true to false or vice versa then this record count will decrease in data source entity but count will remain same in synchronized data extension of that object.

1. Synchronize records based on all records filter. Use a query activity or data filter to then segment the resulting synchronized data extension as needed.
2. Manually sync the object which will pull back all of the data correctly.

After the fix is deployed, an additional step is needed to ensure any synchronized object no longer is affected.

Remediation Steps Required:

Please refresh the Synchronized Data Source using a Boolean Filter to assure all rows in the Synchronized Data Extension meet the filter criteria.

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