Maps Advanced adding "dot notation" in Data Sets
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Maps Advanced adding "dot notation" in Data Sets

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In the Maps Advanced Data Sets modal, we allow users to select different fields traversing through lookups. Whenever you select a "xxx (lookup)" option and then change it to a none lookup version (ie. xxx) we will still append . to the end of the field api. the period only needs to be appended when selecting the "xxx (lookup)" option and not a xxx option. This could result in the following error "You do not have permission to access certain records. Please ask your Administrator to check if you have access to the following objects and fields: 1. Sobject: [] "

Found in v232.6
Fixed in v232.7.2

create an advanced visit plan
create a data set for that visit plan using the Account (Billing) base object
on tab 2 of the data set modal select Use rep assignment from a related object
Child Object = Account
Relationship Field = Parent Account Id
Assignment Field = Owner Id
save and refresh the page
navigate to the salesforce record page for the data set you just created
notice the Assignment Relationship Field API field is ParentId
go back to tab 2 of that data set and change the relationship field to Parent Account Id (Lookup)
change relationship field back to Parent Account Id
refresh the salesforce record page

Expected Result
Assignment Relationship Field API field is ParentId

Actual Result
Assignment Relationship Field Api field is ParentId.

Reselect the field when editing the data set.

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