Interaction Studio push token retention issue
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Interaction Studio push token retention issue


Last updated 2021-06-22 ·Reference W-9425257 ·Reported By 0 users

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A push notification provider (like APNS, Firebase, etc) will issue a 'token' for a specific app on a specific device. To send a push notification to that app/device, one sends to that token.

Since it would be confusing to potentially message multiple users on the same app/device, by design Interaction Studio assigns the push token to the most recent user on the app/device.

There is a known bug where a push token may be lost when transitioning between users. For example, when going from an anonymous user to a known one, and when going back to anonymous. The latter can easily happen at app launch if the `userId` is not set quickly.

Set a mobile application to briefly set a user as an anonymous user and update them to a known user after they perform an action within the application.

The best way to mitigate the issue is by setting the `userId` as quickly as possible during app launch can avoid the user 'briefly reverting' back to anonymous, and thus avoid a push token transition across users.

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