Personalization is not rendered in Push Inbox CloudPage
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Personalization is not rendered in Push Inbox CloudPage

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No Fix

Since the April 2019 release, it has been possible to use fields from the entry source data extension to personalize the CloudPage content sent as part of a Journey Builder Push Inbox send:

However, when performing an Inbox Message send via Journey, the personalization substitutions are not applied as expected. This is when opening the Inbox Message from the alert or from the app.

1. Create a CloudPage for use in Push Inbox send.
2. Add AMPscript or Personalization to CloudPage that will reference field in Journey entry source DE.
3. Create Inbox message in MobilePush with Method 'Alert + Inbox' and Send Method 'Interaction'.
4. Configure Inbox to reference the CloudPage created in Step 1.
5. Create Journey and add Inbox send activity to Journey. Configure Journey to use Data Extension entry source containing fields referenced in CloudPage personalization.
6. Activate Journey.
7. When Push is delivered to device, click on the Alert to open CloudPage OR open the inbox message from the app. Note: CloudPage does not render personalization strings.

Use the LookUp Ampscript function to retrieve the desired personalization from the Data Extension.

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