Date Based Entry event injects contacts that do not meet date filter
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Date Based Entry event injects contacts that do not meet date filter

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Last updated 2022-02-17 ·Reference W-7826439 ·Reported By 3 users


A Date-Based entry event that is configured to inject contacts on a daily basis where the process date is 6 months after a date attribute does not function as expected and injects all contacts where the attribute day number is equal to the the process day number.

For example, based on the '6 months after' configuration, if the Journey runs on the 14th of July, the expectation would be for contacts with the date 2020-01-14 in the attribute to be injected. However, the event injects all contacts with a date where the day is on the 14th (e.g. including 2020-02-14, 2020-03-14, 2020-04-14 etc.).

The expectation was that on the 14th contact 'peterdcollinsuks1@' would be injected , and on the 15th contact 'peterdcollinsuks6@ would be injected.

However on the 14th, the 4 contacts that had '14' in the day part of the date were injected, and on the 15th the four contacts that had '15' in the date p[art of the date were injected. i.e

-The Journey Contacts should be in a Data extension with a populated date attribute, and this DE should be linked to contacts in Contact Builder > Contact Designer.
-Create a new multi-step journey in Journey Builder
-Add an Event entry source and choose 'Date Based Event'
-Event Configuration:
Re-entry = 'Monthly'
Select the date attribute from the entry data extension
Configure the slider to 6 months after the attribute
-Continue through Contact Filter and Summary panel to 'Done'
-Choose a schedule time to suit your testing needs.
-Specify Journey settings, and add an activity to workflow such as a random split.
-Save Journey and activate.

Use the Data Extension entry source to meet your use case. For example, add an entry filter to the entry source that checks if the date attribute is 6 months before Today if your use case is to inject contacts with a date value exactly 6 months before the current date. Schedule the Data Extension entry source to run once a day.

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