Error while creating new MobileConnect message
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Error while creating new MobileConnect message

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If a user creates a new Filtered List, while creating a MobileConnect message, an error mentioning " refused to connect" can occur after saving the Filtered List.

- Create a new MobileConnect message using an Outbound, Vote/Survey, Email Opt-In, or Send Email Template Type
- Add content and select the short/long code
- On the Select Audience step, select 'Contact List'
- Next click 'Create List'
- Create a new standard Filtered List and click save
- Upon save, an error mentioning " refused to connect" will be presented

Option 1 - Create the Filtered List prior to creating the MobileConnect message. Then select the Filtered List in the Select Audience step, rather than using the 'Create List' option.

Option 2 - Alternatively, refreshing the page and building the MobileConnect message once again will allow you to select the Filtered List which had previously returned the error.

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