Maps Advanced Schedule error of overlapping when events are locked
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Maps Advanced Schedule error of overlapping when events are locked

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Last updated 2021-05-24 ·Reference W-9300482 ·Reported By 1 users

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Users are getting an error message, ""You have overlapping appointments on the following days:" when routing if they have one template that ends and another starts in the same request and there is a locked future waypoint on the current template. The error is really just a warning and does not prevent routing from working properly.

Found in SF Maps v2.36

1. create a visit plan for the start of the current month to the end of the month
1. do not make the template continuous
b. set the visit frequency to be weekly
2. clone the visit plan and change the dates to be the next month
3. kick off routing for the next day
4. once routing is done, go to the schedule panel in the maps ui and lock one of the upcoming waypoints in the current month
save the changes
5. kick off routing again

Routes are still be generated and the error is a warning

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