Relationship Card shows "No Data Found" when Account.Name is Encrypted
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Relationship Card shows "No Data Found" when Account.Name is Encrypted

Platform Encryption , Health Cloud

Last updated 2020-12-02 ·Reference W-8197555 ·Reported By 1 users

Fixed - Spring '21

Relationship Cards will show "No Data Found" when platform encryption is enabled in a Health Cloud org and the account name field is marked for encryption.

Access any HC enabled org with package installed and platform encryption enabled

1. Enable platform encryption on the Account.Name field via the Encryption Policies in Setup
2. Place a Relationship Card on a Account page
3. Try to access the Relationship Card. Observe that it shows “No Data Found”

Remove encryption from Account Name
Note: When de-selecting a field from encryption the decryption process should happen automatically. Admins may still need to run a sync to ensure all data is in a decrypted state for the field

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