Smart Capture does not work on Interactive Email Page
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Smart Capture does not work on Interactive Email Page

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Pages/Sites

Last updated 2022-02-03 ·Reference W-7307774 ·Reported By 14 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release June 2021

When a Smart Capture block is added to an Interactive Email Page type, no submissions are captured.

Creation of a Smart Capture block with open 'Use in Journey Builder' selected in an Interactive Email Page will also prevent loading of CloudPages when configuring CloudPage Journey Builder entry source.

- Create an Interactive Email Page type in a CloudPages collection
- Drag in a Smart Capture block
- Configure data extension for the Smart Capture block and add an attribute
- Publish the page
- Navigate to the page
- Enter data into the form and submit
- The page seems to reload and clear the form
- The values of any added data (and hidden fields) are added to the query string. However, no data is written to the data extension.

Related Journey Builder issue:
After configuring a Smart Capture block in an Interactive Email Page, attempt to configure a CloudPage entry source in Journey Builder.
Note: list of available CloudPages never finishes loading

Do not use Smart Capture blocks in Interactive Email Page. Instead configure Smart Capture in a normal Landing Page.

To resolve Journey issue uncheck 'Use in Journey Builder' for any Smart Capture blocks configured in a Interactive Email Page in your account. Configure Smart Capture with 'Use in Journey Builder' in a normal Landing Page

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