'N/A' Journey Name in Dashboard 'Journey Performance by Push'
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'N/A' Journey Name in Dashboard 'Journey Performance by Push'

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In the Dashboard 'Journey Performance by Push', Journey Attributes (Journey Name, Journey Version, Journey Activity Name) are displayed as 'N/A' for Push with 'Alert + Inbox' type.

1. Within Marketing Cloud > Mobile Studio > Mobile Push, create a Mobile Push with 'Alert + Inbox' type
2. Go to Datorama Reports > Dashboard > Push Notification > Journey Performance by Push
3. 'N/A' is displayed for Journey Name, Journey Version, and Journey Activity Name in "Journeys & Activities" table widget

If you want to see push metrics segmented by push, you can use other push dashboards, e.g. "Push Performance" dashboard in Datorama Reports > Push Notification.
Or, go to Marketing Cloud > Mobile Studio > MobilePush > Overview and select your push message on the screen.

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