Guardrail needed to prevent creating a chain of more than a CDP Calculated Insights
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Guardrail needed to prevent creating a chain of more than a CDP Calculated Insights


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When you create a Calculated Insight, you are able to reference fields from another Calculated Insight in your SQL statement. As you reference Calculated Insights in this way, you can create a chain with multiple layers of Calculated Insights.

As per the Salesforce CDP product team we do not support a chain of more than 3 layers of Calculated Insights.

For example, the following should be the most layers possible:

Calculated Insight A


Calculated Insight B


Calculated Insight C

If a Calculated Insight is at the limit of 3 it should not be visible in the Insights list when creating a new Calculated Insight. However, it has been observed that it is possible to bypass this guardrail by manually writing the SQL statement and selecting from any Calculated Insight using its API Name.

Follow these steps to create a Calculated Insight in Salesforce CDP:
-Navigate to Calculated Insights tab
-Click New button
-Click Create with SQL
-Instead of selecting the Calculated Insight you want to query from the Insights list, manually write your SQL and using any Calculated Insight's API Name in the FROM or JOIN condition.

Note: this is not prevented by a guardrail and therefore allows more layers of Calculated Insights than intended.

No workaround currently to prevent bypassing this limitation by manually writing the SQL.

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