Using "Create From Existing" spins in Contact Builder
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Using "Create From Existing" spins in Contact Builder

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When using the function in Contact Builder to "Create From Existing", if you select a Non-Sendable Data Extension and make the new Data Extension Sendable, upon hitting the "Complete" button on the Step 3: Attribute screen, the UI hangs with a spinning wheel. It spins until you leave the screen.

- Go to Audience Builder
- Go to Contact Builder
- Data Extensions
- Press Create Button
- Select 'Create From Existing'
- Select a Non-Sendable DE
- Give the New DE a Name
- Check the "Is Sendable?" checkbox and press Next
- Press Next to skip over the Data Retention Settings
- Make sure there is a required field and/or primary key field
- Press "Complete"

Option 1: Go into the DE to copy and copy it from that location and then add "Is Sendable" later.
Option 2: Go into Email Studio and copy the DE there.

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