Salesforce Partner Community - Some users merged incorrectly
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Salesforce Partner Community - Some users merged incorrectly

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Last updated 29 days ago ·Reference W-8383990 ·Reported By 30 users

Fixed in version Mar.b.2021.EventsTech

In the Salesforce Partner Community:

Some partners are seeing incorrect information displayed in the Partner Community, seemingly related to an account or user merge. You may see the wrong email address assigned to a user, wrong company name, etc.

There seem to be multiple potential causes, but the most common is from Partners merging their Partner Community login with their Trailhead login. Sometimes the issue may also result from repurposing a Partner Community user ID to a new user/email.

These issues can also be reflected in the Trailhead site upon login, or in the Trailblazer Community.

Unfortunately there is no current workaround for this problem. We are working on a solution to broadly decouple the incorrect accounts from one another, expected to be rolled out in mid-May 2021.

UPDATE: A fix has been released. To properly re-sync the user information, users should do the following:

1. Log into your Trailblazer Community ID.
2. Update your first name, or last name or profile picture (any saved change will trigger the fix).

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