SFDO AdvisorLink: Random SAL Appointment Manager component errors
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SFDO AdvisorLink: Random SAL Appointment Manager component errors

SFDO Advisor Link

Last updated 2021-07-15 ·Reference W-9166052 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed in version SAL 2.54

Users may encounter inconsistent component errors when interacting with the SAL Appointment Manager component.

Note: Issues have not been able to be replicated consistently in any org.

- Log into Advisor Link
- Schedule a few Appointments with an Advisee (use New Appointment via Appointment Manager)
- Click around on all the different Appointments you just created quickly and this issue may reproduce

Ignore the error.

A fix for this issue was pushed to production environments on 7/13/2021.

The full release notes for SAL 2.54 can be found here: https://powerofus.force.com/s/feed/0D57y00000JHvkCCAT

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