A/B Testing | Auto-Suppression | Sender profile specific suppression non-functional
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A/B Testing | Auto-Suppression | Sender profile specific suppression non-functional

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Last updated 2022-02-03 ·Reference W-7795695 ·Reported By 1 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release June 2021

When sending an A/B Test, if an Auto-Suppression list is used that suppresses based on the use of a specific "Sender Profile", the intended Subscribers for suppression are not suppressed.

1. Create a sender profile that is not the default sender profile for any Send Classification.

2. Create an auto-suppression list that is specified to only honor the newly created sender profile

3. Add a subscriber into the auto-suppression list

4. Add that subscriber to a list or data extension that you will use for an A/B Test Send. Ensure that the list or DE contains at least 3 subscribers.

5. Create an A/B test send that uses that list or data extension.

6. In the Send Management section, for from options choose “select a send classification”.

7. Click the “Override sender profile” option and select the Sender Profile you created in step 1.

8. Create the A/B test.

Create a SendClassification for the Sender Profile with the auto-suppression list. Use this send classification for the A/B Test Send, rather than overriding the sender profile of another send classification.

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