Agent Work not closed after Reassignment
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Agent Work not closed after Reassignment


Last updated 2022-09-27 ·Reference W-9481413 ·Reported By 16 users

Fixed - Winter '23 Patch 4.0

When the agent in handling a Case and changes from UI the Owner to the Queue, the Case is not removed from his omni widget.

-Enable Omni Channel

-Create a Service Channel for Cases, a Queue and a Routing configuration to route Cases.

(No skills, no status-based cap model, no secondary routing priority)

-Create a Case, set the Owner to the Case queue

-Go online for Cases in Omni channel as a member of the Queue

-The Case is routed, accept it --> it's in the "My Work" Tab of the Omni Widget

-Now click on Change Owner and assign the case back to the Queue

-The Case is routed to you.

-Accept it--> it piles up in the "My work" tab, capacity consumption increases

Agents can close the Case tab manually.

Alternatively you might be able to close the tab on Owner Change using the Workspace API

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