Tokenized Sending configuration disappears when editing user credentials
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Tokenized Sending configuration disappears when editing user credentials

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No Fix

When editing the "Tokenized Sending" settings in Setup having "Tokenization Type" set to "None", the feature will be turned off and the "Tokenized Token" menu item disappears.

1 - Enable the BR "Tokenized Sending"

2 - Navigate to Setup >> Security >> Tokenized Sending

3 - Click on "Edit"

4 - Change username and/or password having "Tokenization Type" set to "None"

5 - Hit "Save"

6 - Receive error prompt stating:

"An unexpected error has occurred and has been logged by our system. If you continue to receive this error, please contact your customer service representative. Thank you"

Error Description: This account lacks necessary permissions to edit tokenized sending settings. Contact your administrator.

When modifying Tokenized Sending settings ensure that you do not change the username/password while having the "Tokenization Type" set to "None".

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