Copied CloudPage SmartCapture form not available as Journey Builder entry source
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Copied CloudPage SmartCapture form not available as Journey Builder entry source

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Last updated 2022-02-03 ·Reference W-8350466 ·Reported By 27 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud April 2021 Release

When we copy a Landing Page in the New CloudPages Experience that includes a Smart Capture form used in a Journey, we are unable to use the newly copied SmartCapture form as a Journey Builder entry source.

-Within any account, go to the New CloudPages Experience and create a new Landing Page with a SmartCapture form
-In the Smart Capture form, mark the checkbox "Use in Journey Builder" and add a Form Name
-Save the page, then Schedule/Publish page
-Go to Journey Builder and create a new journey
-Select CloudPage entry as your entry source
-Click on the entry source and see that our form in Step 2 is available for selection
-Go to Web Studio > New CloudPages Experience PREVIEW
-Navigate to the newly created landing page
-Click the Copy icon to copy the page
-In the new page, click on the Smart Capture form
-Mark the checkbox to use in Journey Builder and add a new name to the form
-Save the form, then Schedule/Publish
-Go back to new journey and configure the CloudPages entry source. Note that in the list of Smart Capture forms, this new form on the copied page is not present

Do not copy a Landing Page if it contains a Smart Capture form and also has the option "Use in Journey Builder" checked. Create a new Landing Page from scratch.

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