View Rejected Contacts includes activity errors
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View Rejected Contacts includes activity errors

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When viewing rejected contacts you may also see failures on individual activities, such as an email activity.

-In Contact Builder > Data Extensions > Create a DE

-Make fields Subscriberkey and EmailAddress (Email type)

-Add a row with any subscriberkey

-Make the email address (to fail list detective on send) NOTE if you have a custom list detective enabled you may need to test this differently

-Go to Journey Builder > Create New

-Drag the Data Extension Entry Event onto the canvas

-Configure it to use your newly created DE

-Click Summary > Done

-Click Schedule and set to run once

-Drag an email activity onto the canvas, configure it to completion

-Drag a 1 minute wait onto the canvas prior to the email to help illustrate the injection happens

-Configure journey settings


-Wait for the contact to fail out of the email activity, then click View Rejected Contacts and note this failure appears

Rejected contacts are currently only displayed for certain event types. The Contact Event, API Event, and Date-Based Events are the only events that will provide contacts who did not meet entry criteria.

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