User can't login to Omni after merging duplicate leads.
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User can't login to Omni after merging duplicate leads.


Last updated 2021-02-16 ·Reference W-8060319 ·Reported By 2 users

Fixed - Spring '21

User can't login to Omni after merging duplicate leads.

1. Have a Lead ServiceChannel with status capacity model enabled.

2.Set the sharing model of the Lead entity set to Private.

3.Add Admin and a standard user (agent) as members to the Omni enabled Queue.

4. Have agent go online in the Omni channel.'

5.As an admin (for instance), create 5 lead records and have it routed to the agent by assigning it to "Omni Queue".

6. As agent accept the Lead. Lead should now be owned by the agent. Go offline.

7. Out of 5 leads created earlier, create 1 more lead which should be duplicate of leads owned by Agent. Let the ownership of duplicate lead be with System admin

8. While merging duplicate leads, set the record owned by Admin as Master record. Click merge.

9. Have agent login in to omni channel. You may face error. Please go offline & try to login again. You will get error "We can't login in to omni channel" error.

-- Please de-associate the routing configuration from Lead Queue.

-- Change the capacity model in service channel from "Status-based" To "Tab-based".

-- Have affected agent login in to omni channel & then go offline.

-- Revert the capacity model to Status Based.

Please ask your users not to merge duplicate leads which are part of the Omni queue. If merged, please perform aforementioned steps to unlock the user.

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