"NotFound" Error when executing an Import with "Update" option, from a Business Unit
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"NotFound" Error when executing an Import with "Update" option, from a Business Unit

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Last updated 21 days ago ·Reference W-3609256 ·Reported By 31 users

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When trying to execute an Import with Update Only option to the All Subscribers list, which has been created at the Enterprise account level, from a business unit under an enterprise account. There is a high possibility to get intermittent "NotFound" errors, with the import failing to do any update to the subscribers.

teps to Recreate:
1) Create a Subscriber in an Enterprise 2.0 account

2) Create an import source file with SubscriberKey and Email Address values matching Subscriber created in step 1

3) Access a Business Unit, not the EID, of under the same E2.0 account

4) Create Import Activity targeting All Subscribers using Update Only, using the file from step 2

5) Run Import Activity

6) Observe intermittent “NotFound” error for row matching Subscriber from step 1, that row is skipped

Run import from top level or use "add and update" import type.

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