MCC API User email notification not sent when Password expires
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MCC API User email notification not sent when Password expires

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Last updated 2021-12-06 ·Reference W-8318512 ·Reported By 0 users

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When using a TSE for the MCC package and JWT authentication, if the Marketing Cloud User (setup as the API User) password has expired, the MCC package is unable to communicate with the Marketing Cloud and processes will start to fail.

Processes such as Journey Builder or Triggered Sends, along with Tracking will fail silently

- Complete the Installation and implementation of the Marketing Cloud Connect package
- When creating the Marketing Cloud API User, do not select the 'API User' selection
- Allow the API User's Password to expire
- Notice Sends/Tracking don't function correctly &
- You will receive an Email stating an issue with the Health of the Integration

Ensure the API User option is selected when creating the Marketing Cloud API User.

Step 11:

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