Maps Advanced "The routing process timed out" Error
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Maps Advanced "The routing process timed out" Error

Maps Advanced

Last updated 2022-10-20 ·Reference W-11549157 ·Reported By 2 users


Salesforce Maps Advanced optimization uses two batches that run every hour at the top of the hour. First one is to kick off auto-optimizations and the other one is to reset any users that have been trying to complete an optimization for longer than 10 hours. The second job is just a safety check. In this scenario, the auto optimization batch updates all the users that we are going to submit optimization requests for to a state of "Routing Initializing". Then the safety batch runs and gets all the users that are not in a state of "Available for Submission" and the Job Submitted At field is set to a time over 10 hours ago. It then resets those users to "Available for Submission" while also creating the debug log.

Once the optimization is initialized, job updates the users to a status of "Routing Initialized" and updates the Job Submitted At time to the current time. The debug log is created because the safety batch is processing in between the users status changing and job setting the Submitted At time - making it look like the user has been processing for too long.

In the background - the optimization continues to process and everything should be working fine.

Issue identified in v238.15


1) Create a visit plan
2) Run the optimization
3) Go to the template user record after optimization completes
4) Change the 'Submitted At field' to be over 10 hours ago
5) Run the optimization


Resolved in SF Maps v240.7

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