Error when attempting to use MFA to log into Social Studio
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Error when attempting to use MFA to log into Social Studio

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Some customers are receiving an error message when attempting to log into Social Studio when multi-factor authentication (MFA) is in place. This is occurring in cases where the user has selected recovery codes as their MFA method, rather than another method such as using an authenticator app.

- Enroll in MFA with a user (either a new user, or a user that has been disabled and re-enabled)
- Select only Recovery Codes
- Log in using a recovery Code
- Navigate to "My Settings" and select "Manage My Verifiers"
- Ensure recovery codes are listed as a verifier
- Select "Done" without changing anything
- Log out of Social Studio
- Attempt to log into Social Studio, receive an error message

- Try using another browser, or an incognito window in Chrome
- Have a Super User generate a temporary token (

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