"Drilldown" does not work for custom calendar dimensions in certain instances
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"Drilldown" does not work for custom calendar dimensions in certain instances

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In a bar chart widget, when displaying dimensions with a custom hierarchy in the dimensional axis of the chart, users may experience the inability to "drill down" to lower levels. This has been experienced when using Custom Calendar dimensions for this purpose, though the behavior is not reproducible in every workspace.

1. Enable Custom Calendar for the workspace
2. In Connect & Mix, under the Dimensions tab, go to the Hierarchies section
3. Make a custom hierarchy using the custom calendar dimensions, such as Custom Year > Custom Quarter > Custom Month
4. In a dashboard page, create a bar chart widget using a custom calendar dimension such as Custom Quarter as the Dimension
5. Edit the widget, and in the Edit Widget sidebar, under the Design tab, under the Interactions submenu, enable "Drill Down" and select the custom hierarchy created in step 3
6. Click on one of the bars of the widget, and in the hovering tooltip menu, to the right of the dimension, click the three dots to "Drilldown" to a lower granularity
7. Observe whether the widget correctly displays the next level of granularity as defined in the custom hierarchy

No workaround is known at this time.

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