MC Intelligence (Datorama) | Manual Update Logs not visible for API data streams
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MC Intelligence (Datorama) | Manual Update Logs not visible for API data streams

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In the latest UI update for the Data Streams List, it is not possible to view Manual Update Logs in the Execution History of an API stream (such as Facebook or Twitter). However, manual data update is still functional as normal.

-In the Data Streams List, select an API stream, then click on More > Manual Data Update
-Make an edit to a measurement value and click Save
-The manual updates will initiate processing
-If you return to the DS List and view the stream's Execution History, the manual updates will not be visible in the log

There is no workaround for viewing the manual update logs at this time. It is recommended to not click "process in background" so you will know when the manual updates are finished processing.

The issue is now resolved, manual update logs can be viewed in the new UI execution list under More > Logs Type > Manual

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