MC Intelligence (Datorama) - Inability to send emails from Manage Users page
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MC Intelligence (Datorama) - Inability to send emails from Manage Users page

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Last updated 2022-05-25 ·Reference W-11090073 ·Reported By 11 users


Starting on May 2, some users have been experiencing an inability to take any actions in the Manage Users page which would result in the platform sending emails to other users. Examples of such actions include the creation of new users who would receive welcome emails, as well as resetting the password of existing users using Reset Password.

Attempting to take such an action results in an error entitled "an internal server error has occurred" which bears the message "Fail to send welcome email."

The issue can be reproduced in some accounts by navigating to the Manage Users menu in the dropdown list at the top right. There, click "Create New" and create a new user, with the checkbox for "Send Welcome Email" at the bottom of the page marked. The creation of the user will be blocked by an internal server error.

The issue can also be reproduced by going to the Edit settings of an existing user, and clicking the "Reset Password" button. The same error will result.

In order to create a new user the following workaround can be employed:

1. Create a new user with the desired settings, but leave "Send Welcome Email" unchecked.
2. Edit the new user's settings
3. In "General Info" next to Password, click "Change"
4. Enter a new password for the new user
5. Inform the new user to log in with their new password, then change it to something secure

In order to reset the password for an existing user, steps 2-5 can be followed to the same effect.

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