Exclusion Scripts replace ≥ and ≤ to '=' characters
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Exclusion Scripts replace ≥ and ≤ to '=' characters

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When using ≥ and ≤ in exclusions scripts, for example calling a Data Extension which includes these characters in the Data Extension name, these two characters are replaced with an equal sign.

- Log in to Marketing Cloud.
- In 'Email,' click Interactions | Triggered Emails.
- Click Create.
- Go to Exclusion Management | Exclusion Script.
- Add the following AMPscript and personalization string (chart below):
ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("3 ≥ and ≤ 4", "Email Field", emailaddr))> 0
- Configure the rest of the Triggered Send Definition, then start it.
- Execute Triggered Send Definition.

Replace the ≥ and ≤ with the literal strings 'greater than or equal to' or 'less than or equal to' in the Exclusion Script and Data Extension Name.

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