Unable to Load Sales Cloud Activity on Journey Builder Canvas
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Unable to Load Sales Cloud Activity on Journey Builder Canvas

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2021-10-26 ·Reference W-9631015 ·Reported By 2 users

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When an account that has Marketing Cloud Connect configured attempts to create an Object Activity in Journey Builder, it may fail to load. This would only happen if a Sales Cloud Data Event is already configured for the Entry Source. This is due to the large number of Sales/Service Cloud objects that are related to the Object used in the Object Activity.

Create a new Journey
Drag Object Activity onto the canvas, configure it to completion.
Drag Salesforce Data Event onto canvas and configure to completion
Click on the Object Activity and note it does not load and spins indefinitely

Delete the Entry Event and configure the Object Activity before configuring the Entry Event.


Reduce the number of objects connected to the object used in the Object activity.


Use a different Entry Source.


Use Data Loader or similar tool in Sales/Service Cloud to update records.

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