NCOA jobs not completing, but not throwing any errors
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NCOA jobs not completing, but not throwing any errors

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Last updated 2021-07-15 ·Reference W-9332326 ·Reported By 1 users

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When scheduling and running an National Change of Address (NCOA) job, the job does not complete but also does not throw any errors.
The cause of this issue is because of an issue with the Melissa Data licence key.

1: Go to the Data Integrity app from the app launcher and click the ‘Address Updates’ tab. Click the ‘Schedule Updates’ button
2: Schedule a one time National Change of Address (NCOA) update that starts a few minutes in the future. Fill in the values for the data you want to run the job on and select "Save"
3: You’ll notice the job show up in the ‘In Progress and Past Updates’ section. After a minute or so it will update to say ‘Addressed Changed: 0 of possible (dependent number value here)’ but the job does not complete.

In order to workaround and resolve this issue an impacted organization would need to reach out and contact Melissa Data and troubleshoot why the license key is not working.

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